Monday, 4 July 2011

my conjectures

This was written around July 2011 i really cant keep track of the date i write due to the feelings i'll be feeling during the process of  my writings. anyway i wrote this after an argument with my girlfriend lol trust me it was an ARGUMENT..i hope you guys like it.

Can we just love with our eyes closed..
To dreams of everlasting sweetness and such those..
Only forsake those awful words we spoke..
I often strangely amazed by what keeps us hold..

Can we just kiss with our eyes open..
To see the beauty within us..
Closer by the glimpse of the eye..
Closer to you im in heaven kissing the lips of the sky..

Can we just float silently to paradise
and lay quietly on the lawn of tranquil..
Where we can visualize earth and let nature reveal..
Reveal the unspoken mystery inside my heart..

i withdraw my actions..your leaving..
You give me strawberry feelings..
I fell out of a boiling lava..
and fell in your comfortless..dear lover
Don't leave me now in this waterfall of dear lover..
Don't look away as i look back to you..


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