Saturday, 23 July 2011

One ''playa'' DOWN

hi friends

Once in a little while most of us get our hearts broken deliberatly by someone we trusted that they will not break them.

Once in a while we become objects or subjects and we are used in a game that non of us gets to see it until its over.

In this life time we have people who can talk , people who can listen ,we have people who can lie and we also have people who can easily believe.

In this very life time we have people who make promises and those who break them. So who are you?

A ''playa'' is a normal person , normal boy or girl, a man or woman. That person has feelings ,conscience, believes, dreams and most importantly LOVE.

I've come to realise that most people that are claiming to be ''playas'' are actually the same people that can love dearly .

These people also share one thing in common..well its not ''heartbreakin ability'' but they have all been hurt once upon their love lives.

What happened is that they got played by somebody and that experience to them became unbareble to an extend that they abandoned love and happiness.

So they actually seeking avengance in everyone.

Hence there is another type of ''playa'' . These one has never fallen in love ,never tasted commitment, never been bitten by the love bug.

These people like to experiment with these thing called love. They are the weakest when in pain , whenever they feel or think that they are falling in love they opt-out ''juz like that''-gone.

These type of ''playas'' are very dangerous because they dont care if they hurt the next person ,all they care about is nobody but themselves.

How to deal with a ''playa'' ..well the truth of the matter is there is no way you can deal with a ''playa'' but fortunatly you can avoid them and stay on the safe side.

''Playa'' believe that love is a game and winning is everything to them. They know these game very well . They know what to say , how to say it , when to say it and where to say it.

A real hardcore ''playa'' never makes mistakes , well even if they do you wont spot it because they will rectify that flaw before you even blink twice. They are shut-closed books ,

theres no way you can tell what a ''playa'' is thinking.

-He is outspoken and confident

-He always wants to talk about you ,the topic is never about him

-He is perfect (if you think he is your dream man ) he is too good to be true :::he is playing you

-He makes no mistakes

message of the day : Not everything he says is his first is true..he has done that before and he is still gonna do it again.

Playas look like me and you . But keep in mind that they also have hearts . Find a way to that heart when he plays games you sturb that heart...1 playa down

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  1. very interesting. u should seriusly post an article everyday. nice work


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