Tuesday, 3 January 2012

She is music

All my life and everyday , every time i turn on my music i cant help it but wonder what i would do without it . Took my time and made a date with my soulful self and realised i am nothing without music . Its always there to give me that little loving to make my day worth a while.

Since childhood we were all fortunate enough to be exposed to it , from church to the tavern down the road , from the ever ongoing rhythm of our radio to the our TV sets music became part of our lives. A friendship of no conditions and terms , a partnership of a priceless value music was there when we needed it .

Its all a matter of trust , trust we invested in our records , vinyls , cassettes ... Yes we evolved through technology but the rhythm never evolved it just got clearer , it got louder , it got more musical.

Music is who we are , from the drums of cow skin our forefathers made to the songs they sang , music was there it maybe in clubs but it is still spiritually up lifting our brothers and sisters in church. Music knows no boundaries , music knows no race , knows no cultures music knows no politics , bless you all who categorised music , bless you all who gave music colour , bless you all who disrespectfully used music for your evil deeds .

Music is my mother because in her i got life , in her i saw where i come from , music is my brother because in him i get inspiration , in him i see my future. Music is my sister because in her I'm motivated , in her i see hope . Music is who i am because i know without it I'm nothing in this complicated world.

You reading this might not realise how God loves us to give us this piece of art called music . You may not realise how God made a blind man to paint this lovely portrait called music .

I salute you my messengers of music , i respect your all your works , yes you the artists from all types of genre , without you music would be a secret that a few would only dare to try. God bless you and your talents you deserve to be crowned kings and queens .

As we all go back to our different types of music i would like us to take a moment of silence to honour those legends and unknown soldiers that passed on in the gospel of music.

RESPECT music. RESPECT life . RESPECT art .

Message of the day : lets all stop piracy and support the spread of good music. Allow yourself to listen to any kind of music because if God made it we should appreciate it

track of the day : with no limits listen to your favourite song and share with the next person .

20ishh ....


  1. She is the one that hears my emotions speak all i hav to do is press play and listen, press puase to ingest. Then i knew she is the one.

  2. where are the writers


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