Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My Music

Music is my rhythmic story;
Each song, a new chapter in my life.
Music is who I am;
With great rhythm and style.
Music is how I live;
To the beat of my own drum.
When things have got me down,
My music turns that frown.
And when I hit a bad note,
I remember that nobody's perfect.
Be it Rhythm and Blues to croon my blues away
Or Soul to make my soul feel again,
I know my music will always have my back.
Be it Hip Hop to make me hop
Or pop which never makes me stop,
One thing is for certain,
My music will always be my best friend.
Music is my rhythmic story,
With music in my life there's no need to worry.


  1. I love this as much as i love music..Great piece!!!

  2. nice piece. I'm touched. It made me feel better.

  3. A universal launguage indeed. Music drives my soul.

  4. Music is lyk my spiritual feeding, wat a striaght up piece i love it.


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