Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tell your story

HI Friends

In these time we live in there is no time to waste on but yet people end up wasting it anyway.
In these same time we live in,people know what is right and what is wrong .For some weird reason people let wrong things happen.
Its quite amazing how people talk too much and some even take it further by talking too much to themselves.
Yes its ok to talk to yourself silently , it improves the friendship you have with yourself . We all do that and sometimes it can be very fun and funny when you silently tell yourself a joke.
People who constantly talk to themselves should know what conscience mean and how it affects their lives.
Once in a while when you attempt or think of doing something that's wrong you just get a voice telling you to stop yes that's conscience.

Oh ja back to the topic . We all have an inner voice that tells you what is good and bad.
What really worries me are people who have that voice but don't listen to it.
Its like when you in class and the lecture asks a question and you know the answer, you don't raise your hand but when someone raise theirs and says a wrong answer you laugh and sit there saying that's wrong ..
lol or sometimes whisper the answer to yourself . It is not low self esteem it is called being chicken.
Once in a while we run into awkward situation where one's spirit and believes are tested and sometimes deprived.

You might see a guy harassing an older lady and your inner voice will be telling you that what the guy is doing is wrong but because you are chicken you just gonna stand there claiming oh no that's non of my concern.
Lol i wonder what you gonna say when you get home and find out that older lady is actually your aunt . Speak your mind stop making noise to yourself silently.

Telling your own thoughts is telling your story . You are actually believing in yourself regardless of whether you are wrong or right.
We all feel sorry when bad things happen and we wish there was anything we could do to stop that bad thing from happening.

What if i tell you that if you where not so chicken you could stop that from happening .
It is high time where everybody needs to be in the driver seat of their own lives. Tell your story and life will be easy for you. Make yourself proud before the others.

Message of the day : have a friend inside you and learn to trust yourself . Failing is not the end of you try again.

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20ishh ...

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