Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bits 0f Pieces

I wrote this piece around mid 2010 after breaking up with my so-called "soul mate" lol.
I guess you can relate to this and understand what i was really going through this stages...Enjoy!!!

my mind
my mind is crowded
while silence is keeping me company
i freeze and get lost in thoughts
as milli milli seconds rises
as milli millions charges take place
mathematically is my ex
yes she is a variable ex
yet in this arithmetic she's undefined
literally she's an axe that pound my heart repeatedly

silence is becoming louder
for i still hear the pounding and pounding
silence is not what is used to be
cause internally i hear its melody
a dreadful melody
an aching melody

my body shakes and everything breaks
my mind get shocks while everything i say chokes
its not a well but a dam
stinking my last tear to you
now i axe my ex till you explode

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