Monday, 26 September 2011

Letters To My Ex

Dear Ex
I hate that we had to say goodbye,
I promised myself I wouldn't cry.
Well, I managed not to,
Although I think I'm really gonna miss you.

Dear Ex
Last night I dreamt about you,
Hope you dreamt about me too.
I don't mean to cuss,
But damn, I fucking miss us.

Dear Ex
Today I couldn't help but cry.
I know I said I wouldn't but I was indenial.
The pain beats at my chest like a bass drum,
While the rest of my body remains completely numb.

Dear Ex
I cannot accept the fact that we're apart.
The pain continues to deepen into my heart.
I've been trying to keep steady,
But my heart is too heavy.

Dear Ex
I hate having to call you Ex,
With me; it seems like I'll never have a next.
I just thought I'd write you this to let you know
that I'll always love you.
Hope you feel the same way too.

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