Monday, 26 September 2011

Death took them all

This poem is dedicated to my late cousin/brother Promise Maenetja and my aunt(Rakgadi) Mokgatsane Maenetja: 3 girls girls who were murdered cold blooded at makhubiding village,  and to 6 merensky pupils who died in a car accident. May the heavenly gates be opened for them..

Some broke down to their knees.
Some angered their way out of this grief but it led them to infinite sorrow.
Some fell down carelessly fighting the feeling within
the feeling that burns our hurt to dust.
Now we sing ashes to ashes and dust to dust;
we ate life
Oh yes we ate it all and we throw away the crust
with a mind of immortality.
Oh yes we drunk all the happiness and sadness of the world
till we couldn't drink nor drink no more.

I stood by them;
firmly i tried to restrain my hunting's.
They cried all their tears till the root of their tears broke
well  literally it did for they cried salty tears,
I smile with my watery eyes
in the remembrance of you,
i think about you every passing day
Why did you let death overcome you why??

Silently i cried out my grief in the deepest pit in my heart:
the pain strikes harder than thunder and quicker than lightning.
I am again crying carelessly cause of this segregate,
it runs inside and through my body and penetrate
Yes that's the pain of loosing you.

When we were young you used to wrap me around
with, comforting words and unwrap my sadness away
with, your comforting smile
They don't know do they?
with their face of criticism,
i doubt that they even know how special are you to me
I'll forever cherish our memories till kingdom com


  1. Sad indeed and we'll forever keep them in our memories


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