Monday, 19 September 2011

The colour of my roots

I come from a diverse beautiful country were so so soooo many languages are spoken and cultures as well, i wrote this poem to tell the world that south Africa is indeed a beautiful country..Enjoy!!!

She rises from the tip of  Africa
Wearing nothing  but her beads and brackets
made from covers of tin food
I see stacks of African necklace around her neck
she must be ndebele
I only hear clicks on her tongue
She must be xhosa
She rides her journey passing the
Mountains of thohoyandou
now i think she might be venda

Beating sekhukhne drums
She only wear multi coloured dresses
and dance in serenity to the presence of the sun
Yes she is one of the daugthers of the sun

She molds cultures and traditions
in this world of diversity
Like an African clay pot
Together, we become
Together we are one

Who is she?
as all nations whisper in wonder
Who is this bright colourful woman
Who carries my heritage for decades to decades
The beat of the drum when we dance our xibhelana
The sound of the whistle when
We move the surface of Africa and everything breaks
Yes she is the mother of love
Yes she is my south Africa


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