Friday, 27 May 2011

When is it enough

hi friends

when is it ever gonna end? When are you ever gonna make up your mind ? When is it ever gonna be about you not the other person?

When is it ever gonna be now not later ...when is it enough

Its a beautiful morning and you feel it as you wake up , the breeze of fresh air and the musik of the birds and the warmth of the sunlight on your skin .

Yes its a goodday...until he goes through your mind suddenly you remember the pain that he made you go through , how he spoke to you ,

what he told his friends about you, how he is dissing you on facebook and twitter , how he blaims the network when he is ignoring you on mxit.

You remember how he hang up on you , then you cry . When is it ever gonna end?

Its a blue monday you have been drinking with your boys , life is so good , you recall all the moments from last night ,

the funny things , the music that the dj was banging..oh that was a freeze when a girl comes through the bathroom door. You realise you cheated again .

You did it before your girlfriend found out, you promised never to do it again. So what is that girl doing wearing your t-shirt. Dont you dare blame alcohol for this.

Did you even use protection , i doubt. Suddenly your girlfriends voice echo in your head ''baby dont cheat on me again, i love you'' . When are you ever gonna make up your mind?

Its a busy day ,everyone is at work, school and you are at your friends apartment. There you are with your ''friend'' bored and lazy.

Suddenly he pops some pills , you know very well that you are not supposed to use drugs anymre , you supposed to quit. You took them anyway.

Your head is spinning , you can hardly breath. Your brain feelz like fireworkz. Your life feels complete .

So for how long are you gonna hide to your folks that you droped out of school cause of drugz, for how long is it gonna take your parents to get over the shock.

When is it ever gonna be about you not the other person. ''friend'' is what is call him but is he?

When is it gonna be now that we all realise that we are all different and unique and we came to earth to serve a unique purpose?

When is it gonna be now that we take charge of our own lives?

Life will be sad if you think it is , it can be very interesting if you make it to be, it is very funny if you make fun of it.

Stop letting your sorrows and bad experiences ruin your whole life. Ask yourself When is it enough and do the rihgt thing?

Message of the day : Life is what we make of it. So never look back unless you wanna go in that direction. [Be]lieve in [you]rself

track of the day : spirit chasers - these tearz

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