Monday, 9 May 2011


hi friends
Ever found yourselves wondering why is it that you don't wanna look at the phone that the person you are sitting next to in a taxi or where ever you are ?
Is it because you think you are well mannered and minding your own business ?
Or is it because you think you have a better phone ?
So have you ever wondered why you think the outfit that the other person is wearing is sooo bad but the person still rocks it and looks and acts as confident as ever?
Is it because you think you have a better taste of fashion than them?
Or is it because you what you are wearing is more attractive and more expensive than theirs?
People always wonder why is it that they find other peoples facebook updates boring ,depressing and stupid.
Is it because you think you have a better update or are you jealous that they thought of it first and you feel offended because it became a hit ?
Ever wondered why you became friends friends at the first place?
Ever wondered why you rock-up your best swag and enter a room and people look at you or should we say ''stare'' at you
and you give them an aggressive look as if you don't know that you look grand like a thousand buck$ ?
Ever wondered how much that act is going to cost you when you don't look your best the next day?
Ever wondered why is it that you are sitting right there saying to yourself ''ai what are this kids saying?'' is it because you think our English sucks?
Or is it that you think you can make your own blog and write better shit?
Ever wondered why when a group your opposite sex come your way at the mall or on the walkway/pavement ,suddenly you change your walk?
Is it because you attacked or you just feel less better than them? Or are you sending a message to them that you are a mute and unfriendly-unconfident?
Ever wondered why is it that when a group of people sitting or passing by start laughing and you suddenly feel uncomfortable?
Is it because you think they are laughing at you ? Is it because you think you look like a clown? Ever wondered maybe they minding their own bizz and you should start minding yours?
Message to all: life is just so funny and if you are not amused by it you have a problem spontaneous and remember never to judge a book by its cover cause nowadays we only buy cool and colourful covers .
So guys remember to shut up when you have nothing to say just look beautiful that way------------

track of the day: Lupe Fiasco - show goes on

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