Thursday, 14 April 2011


so you think it does exist, so you think it doesn't exist. Well the fact remains ,whether you believe in love or not at the end of the day it all affects us in one way or another

Love isn't what you think the next couple you see are having but what you are feeling for the next person. So you can never say or conclude that someone is in love with whoever...see the fact is LOVE is complicated and only the GIVER will give and the RECEIVER will receive its it just so sad that sometimes the receiver don't want to give back.

Hence someone would argue that they don't believe in love reason being that they experienced someone getting hurt and have seen hearts been broken. For such people they should start believing in themselves and stop comparing themselves. Everyone should fall in love once in a life time because anyone can love.

Nobody wants to hear this but its true ...if you fall in love you will get hurt but that's the most interesting part about it.

Today's massage to all: fall in love, get hurt, fall in love again and hurt someone. Get the experience.
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